Share Experiences…

Share Experiences…

I had the most erotic experience I have ever had with this guy last night and I have to share this story. We met online and had talked via email for a few weeks then finally I gave him my cell phone so we could text. The texting did not take long to turn into sexting and he would make me so hot I could barely wait until I got off work so I could go home and masterbate. Last night, around 9:15pm he was sexting me photos of his hot body so I teased him with photos of my ass and breasts. He said that if he were with me right now he would go down on me and I simply could not wait any longer. I text him my address and told him the front door would be unlocked. He showed up and smelled so good, he gabbed my ass and took me to the bedroom where he did exactly as he said. Yes, I admit, I was late for work because we had the most incredible sex all night long. Comment any questions to know more.





Replied on October, 07/10/2016

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