Single events

Small and Classy Events are Hosted by “A Casual Thing” in major cities globally in cooperative partnerships with night clubs, bars and restaurants who allow us to bring groups of our Members in for food and drink specials. Each event is uniquely created to stimulate our local Members in the area and to introduce our website and mobile apps to a larger audience through intimate interactions.
Medium to Large Events are Hosted by “A Casual Thing” where we either purchase Trade Show Space or we cooperate with a Co-host who wants us to have a presence with them. We bring people in, entertain them through creative activity planning and both Male and Female Models performing specific roles. If the event gives us a platform for creating exposure “A Casual Thing” will consider it.
From Co-sponsoring and Co-hosting Block Parties to having a presence at Concerts and Adult Themed Festivals “A Casual Thing” will make a lasting impression on our Audience. We also plan meet and greets at Hotels, Resorts and Destination Locations Globally where we work with our Cooperative Partners and Strategic Alliances for mutual benefit. In other cases we are Paid for our presence and that works too.
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